Build your SaaS business on a solid foundation

Multihoster is a multi-tenant SaaS framework written in PHP which aims to make software-as-a-service accessible to software vendors and hosting providers alike. Multihoster makes it possible to dynamically link PHP applications through the Software Bridge in order to leverage the SaaS management tools such as the multi-tenant functionality, customer panel, billing solutions, hosting package integration and more. We take care of the heavy-lifting so that you can focus on building and expanding your application.

Multihoster can also be used by hosting providers to offer SaaS hosting service, such as forum/blog hosting, ecommerce hosting, etc. Using Multihoster as a hosting provider requires no programming expertise since all software management is done from the admin panel.


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Software vendors

Software vendors have unrestricted access to the source code to make integration easier. The product wiki describes the integration and the use of the Software Bridge in detail and is constantly updated with articles about security, optimization and management.

Hosting providers

Traditional hosting providers reserve resources for their customers based on the contract that they have with them. This practice leads to the clients using only a fraction of the resources because their software wasn't properly optimized or the restrictions set by the company prevent the use of tools which would improve performance using the available resources.

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Compact and powerful

Multihoster takes care of the heavy-lifting so that you can focus on building your application and expanding your business.

Multihoster serves the requests from a single set of files and doesn't affect the PHP processing time & memory usag, this it is possible to run it in very restrictive environments (including shared hosting), further reducing the barrier of entry to the SaaS market.


Multihoster takes care of database creation, configuration caching, request routing, custom domain handling, package management, software updates (including database schema updates) so that you can focus on developing your application. Although every connection is handled by the software bridges and routed to the appropriate software and database, the load time is only affected by miliseconds.

Flexible monetization & full-featured billing solution

Multihoster gives you the tools you need regardless of your business model. The software supports both free and paid packages and each package can be configured to offer different benefits. While the ability to limit the storage, enable or disable adverts and set the number of allowed custom domains is included by default, packages can be further extended to give certain customers special benefits (access to premium themes, unlocking certain features, support tickets, etc.).

Multihoster comes with a full-featured billing system, including recurring invoice support, billing profiles, multi-currency support, multi-transaction handling, custom taxes and custom fees. Any payment gateway can be integrated with ease.

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